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A Duo-Comfort Mattress with one side soft and flip side firm. With a Pocketed Spring Technology Support System, that ensures Perfect Conformity to any body shape, for Proper Spinal Alignment and Orthopaedic Support. With one side soft and one side Firm, The Heavenly plush is two beds in one, that is skilfully designed for a wide spectrum of sleepers.

MATTRESS AND BASE SET: Single k6999.  T/quarter k7999.  Double k9999.  Queen k10,999.  Queen XL k12,999.  King k13,999.  King XL k15,999.  Super King k17,999.

MATTRESS ONLY: Single k5499.  T/quarter k6499.  Double k8599.  Queen k9999.  Queen XL k10,999.  King k11,999.  King XL k13,999.  Super King k15,999

Special/odd sizes available on request.




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