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CROWN-SERENITY-Double Pillow Top


A two-sided, Double Pillow Top that offers Exceptional Orthopaedic back Support and Enhanced Comfort level that eliminates Turning and Tossing for a more restful good night sleep. Pocketed Coil Technology is expertly complimented with High Resilience foams for a balanced Low Pressure sleep surface, Perfect conformity to body contours for proper Spinal Alignment.

MATTRESS AND BASE SET: Double k17,999.  Queen k18,999.  Queen XL k19,999.  king 21,999.  King XL k23,999.  Super king K28,999.

MATTRESS ONLY: Double k15,999.  Queen k16,999.  Queen XL k17,999.  King k19,999.  King XL k20,999.  Super King k25,999.



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